Gift Guide for Toddler Girls

The holidays are coming up so quickly! I can't wait to get to experience these magical days through her eyes, every year just gets more fun as Kinley is able to participate in more and more traditions and we get to see her eyes light up. I have always loved searching for sweet, intentional gifts that our kiddos can play with and enjoy for years to come. So let's chat holiday/birthday/special event gifts for toddler girls!

When it comes to what my husband and I get for the girls, we try to stick to 4 categories: Something they want, need, wear, and read, but we are definitely not sticklers to these categories. It's just a good place to start, in my opinion!



Wicker Baby Doll Cradle - This is made by a small shop on Etsy, and is what we are saving for Kinley as a "big sister gift" when I have baby #2 at the end of this month. It arrived a few weeks after ordering it, and is the most budget friendly, and also cutest doll cradle that I have found! I can't wait to see Kinley freak out with excitement when she gets this doll bed, that looks similar to the moses basket bassinet we have for baby sissy! She is ALL about dolls and babies!

Play-Doh Buzz-n-Cut Barber Shop - I used to be a hairstylist, and so Kinley is used to seeing me do family's hair at home, and has been facinated with pretending to style and cut doll hair, and she loves play-doh, so I think this will be a fun activity for her! We had one similar when I was growing up, and I remember loving it so I'm excited to see her reaction!

Animal Hopper - I have heard such good reviews from "hopper"s like this! I think it will be a great way to get some of Kinley's wiggles out during the cold and rainy season!

Scribble Scrubbies Animal Scrub Tub - Kinley has a few of these scrubbie toys and she loves to sit and draw on them, and then loves that she can wash them clean! Hers didn't come with a tub and I think this will be so fun! Keeps her busy for hours!



Drawing Tablet - Kinley loves to doodle and sketch, and this portable tablet is a serious step up from her magnetic doodle pad that erases itself so quickly. The various colors that show up upon writing make it a little more fun, too!

Magnetic Building Blocks- Kinley loves building with any kind of block, but I've heard so many good things about these magnetic tiles - and look forward to how they can be played with for years to come! Love any toy that helps her use her imagination! 

Waffle Maker/Kitchen Food Set - Love how cute this waffle maker set is, we make a lot of waffles around here and I think it will be a fun addition to Kinley's kitchen set! Love that there isn't an overwhelming amount of play food that is just asking to get lost. Another fun play food set is this smoothie maker kit!

Kid Table and Chairs - Kinley got this set for her second birthday and uses it constantly! I love how "wipe-able" the material is, and also how it doesn't scream "kid's table"! We have it set up in our living room and she loves to draw, play, and eat at it! The chairs are so sturdy they hold all of us adults as well!



Customizable Boho Leather Purse - Kinley loves little bags/backpacks to carry around her toys to church, the store, carrying them to Grandma's house, etc! This bag is such a cute option that is neutral and still feminine. Made by a small shop on Etsy, too! Love getting to shop small.

Handmade Hair Bows/Clips - Kinley's hair is pretty unruly at the length that it is currently, and so getting a few new clips to pull her hair back is a great way to feel like I've updated her wardrobe without spending too much money. Harlow and Grace and All the Little Bows are two of my favorite places to find bows/clips for girls with multiple style and pattern options!

 Three Pines Rainboots - These rainboots are made by a small business and I just love how cute (and functional) they are! Especially living in Oregon, all kiddos need a pair of rainboots! Haha. 

Christmas Outfit - Christmas is a fun excuse to grab a new wintery outfit for your little one, and I just love a lot of the outfits at Bailey's Blossoms. This one is one of my favorites- pair it with a basic long sleeve tee and tights, and you've got the perfect Christmas outfit!

Christmas Jammies - Another fun excuse to get some seasonal pajamas! Love how cozy and cute these ones are, but there are so many cute options out there!



The Day God Made You - I love getting books that instill positive values and uplifting promises about God to Kinley while still being light-hearted, easy to read, and rhyming. Haha. It makes my life easier when I try to read to her in a dimly-lit room at night. We LOVE this book and I am sure your little one will too.

Don't Forget To Remember - Another book we've had for a long time, and LOVE! The imagery is beautiful and Kinley loves to study each page. This book reminds me of what Heaven must be like, and is such a great story. Highly recommend!

LeapFrog Learning Friends Book -Kinley got this book for her first birthday, and loved to press the photos to hear the book talk to her. She has recently enjoyed copying the words that the book will read aloud, and enjoys that she knows where specific photos are. I love that it also has a Spanish option- we have family who is Hispanic and would love to help her learn some basic words in Spanish!

Find Me If You Can Customizable Book - Some friends of ours have this book and their kids love it!! You can search every page and find your kid's picture that you uploaded to put into the book. I love this for Kinley because she loves to find things in the illustrations of children's books, and I think this will blow her mind to see her own face!


 I hope this helped to give you some ideas for when it comes to shopping for your 1-3 year old! Many of these toys can work for boys as well, but look out for my Toddler Boy Gift Guide to help give you some ideas too! These lists will work great for not only the holidays, but birthdays, special events, or just "because!" I love thinking through gifts that kiddos will love for years to come, and so I just hope you're able to find something here that you didn't think of!


Happy Shopping!