Behind From Dust To Home

A few months after my husband Taylor and I got married in 2015, I found myself wanting to fill time that I wasn't booked with clients while working as a hair stylist, and find a way to earn a little more income on the side, so I set out to learn how to hand letter and create handmade signs to fill the space in my heart I had for home decor/interior design. I worked during every free moment I had, to learn how to paint, work with wood, and improve my hand lettering skills/style. I opened an Etsy shop (ENM Creations) in January 2017 to see if anyone (besides close friends and family) would be interested in my art and I was surprised by the positive response!!

After about 2 years of working both in my salon as a hairstylist and waking up early and staying up late to work on signs before and after work, I had an opportunity to close my salon, and work full time for ENM Creations. My daughter was about 6 months old at the time, and so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to be home with her while also working on signs, which sounds like a dream, but to this day it is still a serious balancing act!

Although I love creating signs, my true passion in this line of work has always been helping others love where they live and to help create/offer decor that a client would love and that they would be proud to have styled in their home. Being able to offer more than just signs in my shop is a way that I can offer decor that will fit any style and any home! If you have no room on your walls, then you are now able to head to my website to find vases, planters, votives, utensils, coasters, trays, and the list goes on!

From Dust To Home has been a dream of mine, since before I even knew it could be a reality, before I can even remember, so I can't really tell you how long I've dreamed of this! I chose to rename my shop from ENM Creations to From Dust To Home because these aren't all my personal creations any longer, and because I think it is a beautiful image of how God can use dust to create something as unique and as intricate as a man, and how our signs and every product offered started from a little sawdust, and is now a work of art in your home!

When deciding what to offer in my shop, I keep in mind 4 different styles- each represents my 2 sisters, my mama, and me. Our styles are all very different, and yet, each is beautiful. I can truly picture styling the items in one (or more) of their homes. My style is a little more modern farmhouse (think woods and whites) with a little boho touch, my sister Dani has a more rustic, true farmhouse style with cool tones like blues and grays, my mama has a farmhouse style with warm tones like rust, tans, and browns, and my sister Olivia has a mid-century modern mixed with a little bit of spanish vibes. By making sure a little bit of all of their styles are represented in this shop, I hope to have at least one thing that you love in the mix! Can't wait to see what you pick!

Even though I now offer multiple products, I will continue to offer my custom made, freehanded, painted signs, and I treasure each and every order that comes in. I love the ability to create them from scratch, and turn them into something beautiful! I hope when you find my shop, you are able to feel welcome, loved, inspired, and served well. Let me know at anytime if I can help you in a better way! Forever grateful for you!


 From sawdust in the garage, to your home, with love. -Em